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Justin Gomez Icons is Your #1 Icon Source and Is A Tumblr Devoted To Justin And Selena Icons! Please Follow and If You Use Any icons Please Credit! Feel Free To Give Me Suggestions On Icons You Want!

Mar. 20, 11

07:26 PM


Teacher: So you couldn’t do your homework because Justin Bieber was on TV!?

You: Justin Bieber Gif

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Feb. 18, 11

01:50 PM

Welcome New Followers!!! :)

Welcome New Followers!!! :)


Feb. 10, 11

04:53 PM

Justin Bieber Icons #2

image image image image           image image image image

Please Credit If You Use Any! Thanks!!!


Feb. 07, 11

09:38 PM

I Know This Isn’t An Icon But It’s So True!

I Know This Isn’t An Icon But It’s So True!

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05:18 PM

Justin Bieber Icons #1

:) Credit if you use and Reblog if you take! Thanks. :) 


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